Stuffed/ Hamper Balloon Gifts - Benalla, Victoria

Stuffed/Hamper Balloons are making a come back!

Giving a gift inside a balloon it is a great way to make it unique! Its a fantastic idea for Newborn Baby Arrivals, Birthdays, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Christmas,  Anniversary and all other types of special occasions.

Stuffed/Hamper Balloons are currently only available for free delivery or pick up within 25km of Benalla. Due to the logistics and the fragile nature of the balloons we are unable to post the balloons interstate.

Price start from $35 this includes:

- Balloon

- Personalised writing on a clear balloon or printed pattern balloon

- Decorations

- Carry Box

- Free delivery(within 25km of Benalla). 

Please note the gifts inside the balloon are an additional cost. Please check our website for all your Baby Gift and Accessories.

You can provide your own gifts to go inside the balloon. The gifts must fit through an 11cm round opening. Soft items such as teddies or clothing can be manipulated to fit through the opening. All gifts needs to be dropped off at least 24-48 hours before gifting.

For more information send an email to


As latex balloons are made from 100% latex, they are sensitive to light (both sun and fluorescent) and heat. If stored correctly the balloons can last up to 7 days. Please take care when transporting your balloons. Always carry the balloon by holding the carry box and not the balloon it self and of course keep it away from sharp or pointed objects.


The balloons are made of 100% natural latex.  Latex balloons are not plastic. Balloons are biodegradable and photodegradable. They are a plant based product made from natural rubber harvested from rubber tree plantations which are a renewable resource. Latex is a natural product of the Rubber Tree Per Cambium and breaks down and decays when exposed to the elements of nature.